• Are you craving more meaning beyond the daily routine?
  • Are you trying to bring more purpose, passion, and balance to your life?
  • Do you feel something is missing despite your achievements and worldly success?

I invite you to take part in this INITIATION INTO THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE AGES, an experiential audio course where you will learn how to:

  • Embody your truth and highest calling more fully and inspire others to do the same
  • Operate more consistently from a place of deep gratitude, trust, and joy
  • Dissolve all obstacles to fully receiving life's gifts
  • Live from a place of heart-centered detachment and aligned flow
  • Become an instrument of sacred service and a healing force through your very presence

Part I:

Module 1: Ancient Civilizations: Lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria
Healing Atlantean soul trauma, reclaiming your ancient gifts and talents
Module 2: Goddess Archetypes and Embodying the Divine Feminine
Decoding your goddess blueprint, reinventing relationships for fulfillment on all levels
Module 3: Egyptian Mysteries, Part 1
Dying to your divine life, initiation at the Great Pyramid
Module 4: Egyptian Mysteries, Part 2
Your soul’s journey through time, initiations in Egypt’s temples of light to reignite your true power and purpose
Module 5: Alchemy
The Great Work: YOU. Seven alchemical steps to inner transformation and self mastery
Module 6: The Essene Way of Life
The ancient Essenes as a model for our time—mystics, healers, children of the light

Part II

Module 7: Christ Consciousness and the Holy Grail
Initiations into the Grail mysteries to activate your divine blueprint
Module 8: Healing, Part 1
Cutting-edge, alternative healing technologies to catalyze healing on all levels
Module 9: Healing, Part 2   
Additional advanced healing technologies rooted in ancient wisdom
Module 10: Ascended Master Teachings
Accelerate your soul’s expansion with timeless teachings and practices from the ascended masters
Module 11: Eastern Mysticism
A step-by-step manual for enlightened living from the Eastern mystics of the ages
Module 12: Indigenous Wisdom of the First Peoples
Raise your light quotient with Mayan, Incan, and Aboriginal wisdom

Enjoy twelve 80-120-minute MP3 audio recordings with in-depth esoteric content, transformational practices, and energy transmissions.

Awakening the Mystic Within: A Course in Self Mastery for Higher Living™,

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Egyptian Mysteries, Parts 1 and 2; Healing, Parts 1 and 2; and The Essene Way of Life AND Christ Consciousness and the Holy Grail

This remarkable course enlightens, entices, astounds, and captures all of you. Dana’s expertise seems never-ending as she helps you navigate these timeless mystery teachings. I love the guided meditations. You will continually be uttering, “Wow!”
La, Yardley, PA 

These teachings and tools have taken me to a new level of spiritual embodiment and enabled me to live more deeply and fully. I have a more powerful vision of who I am and what I can become. Perfect for the modern mystic! VJ, New Mexico.

Dana Micucci is an award-winning author, speaker, soul mentor, and healing practitioner said to have a “remarkable direct knowing” that allows her to “have a powerful conversation with one’s soul and personality.” www.danamicucci.com 

Dana Micucci

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