Seven Initiations to Radical Transformation with Ancient Wisdom

  • Do you feel exhausted and depleted, like you're running on automatic pilot?
  • Do you have a nagging feeling that you haven't reached your full potential to make a greater contribution in the world?
  • Are you sick and tired of giving too much and not receiving enough?
  • Do you often doubt your gut instincts and feel a lack of support?

It's time to take a stand for yourself and live your divine life NOW! I invite you to my:


Delve Deeply into Time-Honored Teachings and Practices from the World's Wisdom
Traditions to Activate your True Power and Purpose. Learn How To:

  • Dispel the confusion and finally gain clarity about your soul's mission
  • Unleash your hidden gifts and talents, reclaim your passion and joy
  • Reconnect with your spiritual core, and instantly tap into higher meaning, guidance and support
  • Develop unwavering trust in your inner wisdom and intuition ... And More...

The Seven Initiations:

  1. Risk: Acknowledge and remove self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns. Expand your comfort zone. Find safety in risk-taking.
  2. Discern: Integrate your shadow side. Heal soul trauma. Center your emotions.
  3. Trust: Identify and merge with your goddess archetypes. Master the art of surrender. Feel worthy to receive. Step into the divine flow of abundance.
  4. Forgive: Transcend needless suffering and struggle. Practice compassionate detachment.
  5. Love: Embody the wisdom of the higher heart. Open to a more expansive love. Experience the power of presence.
  6. Serve: Set appropriate boundaries with others. Ground into your body. Cultivate optimal health and vitality.
  7. Evolve: Create new models for relationship and wholeness. Magnetize your sacred partner.

Eight bi-weekly, 90-minute private phone calls with Dana and interim action steps. BONUS: Copies of Dana's two latest books. Contact for fee.

Dana Micucci has been very instrumental in awakening a higher purpose that had been buried deep within me. I would not have been able to do this on my own. With her help, I have regained clarity and purpose in my life. I highly recommend her mentorship program Divine Life: A Woman’s Guide to Your Own True Power. – Dr. Beth M., Pittsburgh, PA

Dana’s mentorship program is powerful and profound. It had a rapid impact on me, and I’m applying so much of what I learned to my daily life. I feel more centered and connected with my spiritual core. I have been able to access deeper levels of love, joy, and gratitude. My life is really flowing now. I feel fulfilled in a way that I hadn’t been before. Dr. Simona K., Chicago, IL

I have learned so much in Dana’s mentorship program. I have accessed my gifts and talents at a deeper level. I trust myself more, and I’m taking take more risks. I have more clarity about my soul’s purpose and more courage to be my authentic self. The biggest breakthrough I had was being able to open my heart to love more deeply. I’m stepping into my power in a bigger way. All of this has helped me a lot in my work as a spiritual teacher. Pao P.Y., Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Dana Micucci is an award-winning author, speaker, soul mentor, and healing practitioner said to have a "remarkable direct knowing" that allows her to "have a powerful conversation with one's soul and personality." Dana teaches high-achieving, professional women how to tap into their spiritual power to find lasting fulfillment from the inside out. 

Dana Micucci

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