I am giving talks and workshops in connection with my latest books, the award-winning Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth, and The Third Muse, a metaphysical, international art-world mystery inspired by Renaissance ideals and the divine feminine teachings of the Magdalene Order. These events are based on my many years of training in a variety of spiritual disciplines and healing modalities.  

Ancient Wisdom Keys to Your True Power and Purpose

My popular memoir, Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth, takes you to seven of the world’s most exotic, sacred destinations—from the Australian Outback to Angkor in Cambodia, Egypt, Tibet, the Yucatan, New Mexico and Peru—to explore their ancient mysteries and esoteric wisdom.

I share transformational teachings and tools from these wisdom traditions that will lead to a greater embodiment of your true power and purpose, and assist you in navigating new directions and changes with self mastery.

Enhance your energetic matrix and divine blueprint. Balance and activate your chakras with meditations, energy work, ritual and more. Come and empower your heart, mind and soul on a journey of inner alchemical transformation!

Embodying the Wisdom of the Heart

So many of our wisdom/spiritual traditions are based on heart-centered teachings. Mystics, poets and truth-seekers throughout the ages have recognized the profound importance of living in and through the sacred heart.

In this dynamic workshop, I share powerful heart-based teachings and practices from some of the world’s wisdom traditions (Tibetan, Mayan, shamanic, Egyptian, mystical Christian, etc.) gleaned from a lifetime of travel.

Learn how to harness the wisdom and power of the heart to improve your health, center your emotions, manifest your goals, raise your vibration, master your energy, and ultimately become a healing force through your very presence!  









“Thank you for a most amazing journey today in Santa Fe.  I am so grateful to have been included in the group. I can only say ... it was meant to be.  Thank you for sharing your many wisdoms with us!  It is my intention to incorporate the practices in my daily rituals.” - Chris, Albuquerque, NM

“I feel somehow that I’ve been initiated into a new realm of supportive care. The exercises you offered have become daily rituals and I feel more present from my core self.” – Cynthia, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, CA

“Dana’s travels have allowed her to mine the riches of a wide variety of sacred traditions.  In this workshop, she shares those transformative insights with energy, eloquence—and a joy that is truly infectious!” – Ann Bradley, Writer and Editor, New York, NY

“Your talk today was exceptional.  Most of us have experienced some of what you described, but you are so incredibly articulate, and are able to express feelings and ideas beautifully.  I am just in awe of what you have done, and feel so blessed that you have shared it all with us through your book and talks.” – Alison, Taos, NM

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