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I offer private, in-person healing sessions in conjunction with my talks and workshops and at my sanctuary in New Mexico. These sessions can also be done at a distance, no matter where you reside.  

The Reconnection/Reconnective Healing

Experience extraordinary new healing frequencies.  Permanently establish a powerful connection with the source of all healings.  Reconnective frequencies connect you to the earth’s energy gridlines, advance spiritual evolution, enhance and fuel renewal of the body, and increase your vibration for healing and personal development.  I trained with Dr. Eric Pearl, founder of this revolutionary healing modality.  For more information, visit www.thereconnection.com.

Reconnective Healing – Move back into balance and heal body, mind, heart and soul.  60 minutes, $180

The Reconnection – Reconnect to the planetary grid and beyond, your multi-dimensional aspects and dormant DNA strands. Two 60-minute sessions on two separate days, $333

Shamanic Soul Retrievals and Extractions

I draw on my extensive shamanic training with renowned teachers to assist you in healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual trauma throughout all timelines.  In a soul retrieval ritual, soul parts that have fragmented and splintered off are returned and integrated.  I also identify and remove energy obstructions to facilitate your journey toward wholeness.  2 hours, $420

Spiritual Attunement

Get more clarity on your soul's mission and most pressing concerns. Raise your frequency and increase your Joy. Release previously limiting beliefs and perceptions, so you can step into your true Divine power and live the life you've always imagined. 75 minutes, $300

Please contact me with any questions and/or to set up an appointment.

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“I’ve had the divine opportunity to experience Dana’s healing Presence and spiritual energy transmissions—what a Gift from Heaven!  She truly opens a field of radiant, pure light, and her remarkable direct knowing allows her to have a powerful conversation with one’s soul and personality.  Even with those she has never met, her ability to open to the Truth allows her to see, know and understand on many levels with penetrating and helpful accuracy.  Challenges and issues fade away, and clarity and truth become present.  After sessions, one feels strongly connected to one’s purpose and the universal order, and wrapped in a peaceful state of bliss.” – A.B., Connecticut

“Since the soul retrieval work we did, it’s feeling so good to be getting my power back. I keep thinking of the gifts from our session and gaining strength each time I picture them. It’s wonderful. Synchronicity is showing up a lot. I’m feeling more complete, and I’m getting a lot of those ‘aha’ moments as I remember things from my past. Thank you so much!” – Catherine, N., California


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