Mentorship Program for Women — Seven Initiations to Radical Transformation from the Inside Out 

Do you want to reach your full potential and make a greater contribution in the world? Are you tired of giving too much and not receiving enough?

Delve deeply into time-honored teachings and practices from the world’s wisdom traditions to activate your true power and purpose. Learn how to:

  • Dispel the confusion and finally gain clarity about your soul’s mission
  • Unleash your hidden gifts and talents, reclaim your passion and joy
  • Reconnect with your spiritual core and instantly tap into higher meaning, guidance and support
  • Develop unwavering trust in your inner wisdom and intuition

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I offer private, in-person healing sessions in conjunction with my talks and workshops and at my sanctuary in New Mexico. These sessions can also be done at a distance, no matter where you reside.  

The Reconnection/Reconnective Healing

Experience extraordinary new healing frequencies. Permanently establish a powerful connection with the source of all healings.

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Shamanic Soul Retrievals and Extractions

I draw on my extensive shamanic training with renowned teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman and John Perkins to assist you in healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual trauma throughout all timelines.

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Spiritual Attunement

Get more clarity on your soul's mission and most pressing concerns.

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As an extension of my award-winning book, Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth, and drawing from more than two decades of traveling to sacred sites around the world, I offer personal energy readings and written reports to guide you to where your soul needs to be. Embarking on your own personally designed sacred journey will create magical openings for mystical initiations, unexpected encounters, and life-altering energetic shifts!

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“I was amazed at Dana’s soul retrieval session. After her work, my body began to vibrate so strongly. A minor illness was gone when I woke the next day. The anxiety in my chest was gone. Dana discussed past experiences that gave perspective to some current issues I had been experiencing. I felt different, more confident in my connection to God. What an improvement she's made on my outlook on life. It's been a true blessing. Thank you, Dana, keep doing what you’re doing. It's making a difference.” – Lisa J., Pennsylvania

“I came to Dana at a crossroads in my career and personal life.  During the first Reconnective Healing session, I felt very peaceful.  The following sessions and The Reconnection blew me away.  It changed my thinking about how to attract what I want, which I learned can be done simply by changing my energy.  I had three big manifestations after the healing sessions.  At one of the sessions, parts of my body even levitated!  I felt like I was floating for days afterwards.  My energy had truly shifted into a more positive state, which I had not experienced for a long time.  I feel that I connected directly to the power of Source, and my vibration has been altered.”VJ, New Mexico 

“During my soul retrieval we went to a distant land and time, and the emotions it brought up were so familiar and so real, like I’ve lived them every day of this lifetime for as long as I can remember. In that space that Dana created was healing, brought on by an understanding that had eluded me up until this point. It was definitely an awesome experience that is hard to describe.” – Dianne, New Jersey

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