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“Micucci is earnest in her searching, actively looking for ways to connect to the natural world, God, and herself on her path to spiritual illumination.”
--The Santa Fe New Mexican

“Her years as a persistent journalist willing to take chances have given her a nose for a good story and the skill to tell it. Not surprisingly, the accounts of her lively and sometimes comic adventures and her descriptions of the natural and architectural wonders of her destinations, sprinkled with observations of their historic and cultural contexts, are particularly engrossing.”
--Albuquerque Journal

“In Sojourns of the Soul, Dana Micucci embarks on a journey of spiritual awakening. With every adventure, she observes, listens and feels—experiencing the sights, sounds and histories that make these locations so wondrous. Each one introduces a different aspect of enlightenment. Perhaps you have visited some of these sites yourself, or perhaps they are completely new to you, but seeing them through Dana’s eyes will remind you why these landmarks deserve reverence.”
--New York Spirit

“All religious systems, she believes, share common truth and lead to the same place—whether one calls it God, the source, creative energy, the universe, or something else. Micucci hopes to share her insights with people today, and inspire them to tap into their own spirituality.”
--Pittsburgh Tribune-Review