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"Dana's retreat was one of the best, if not THE BEST, retreat I've ever attended (and believe me I've been to many). Her knowledge of multiple traditions is vast, her explanations of energy flow and activations are relayed in a very simple, easy to understand and fun fashion. The meditations were powerful, with most people feeling immediate shifts. Half the retreat was outdoors, which for me was a delight, as the high desert of New Mexico is nothing short of magical. It was a mini vacation with amazing teachings that will stay with me forever. Dana is someone who truly walks the walk, is full of joy, love and, above all, humility. Thank you!” – Cathy, New York, NY

“What an amazing workshop!!!  I felt altered for days afterward.  Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.  I was captivated with your stories, tranced out with the exercises, and transformed as a result of being there.  It was so interesting, please come back!!!” – Leyla Pinarli, President, Onesource Document Mgmt Inc., Long Island, NY

“Dana's workshop was a dynamic experience, rich with ancient knowledge, personal wisdom, and techniques to activate the energy centers in the body and awaken the consciousness. I enjoyed sharing this unique experience in a group setting with other individuals dedicated to growth under Dana's guidance. She is an engaging storyteller and a skilled facilitator for group learning. She creates a beautiful example of someone bravely stepping into a new age with the ancient teachings as the wind at her back on a journey of discovery.” – Martina Comstock, Filmmaker / Yoga Teacher 

“Throughout the workshop Dana was fresh and passionate, such a bright light!  The work is powerful.  We were gifted with movements and processes that we could take home and incorporate into our spiritual practices.  I loved it!” – Susan Latham, artist, Santa Fe, NM

“Dana's workshop has brought an amazing transformation in my life.  It has helped me to connect peacefully within, enlightened my senses, and encouraged me to manifest my deepest desires.”  – D. Bragg