Are you craving more meaning beyond the daily routine? Do you feel something is missing despite your worldly achievements?

I invite you to take part in this INITIATION INTO THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE AGES, a 12-module audio course with in-depth esoteric content, experiential practices and energy transmissions on topics ranging from ancient civilizations Atlantis and Lemuria, the Egyptian mysteries, alchemy, the Holy Grail, healing, Eastern mysticism and more. You will learn how to:

  • Embody your truth and highest calling more fully and inspire others to do the same
  • Operate more consistently from a place of deep gratitude, trust and joy
  • Dissolve all obstacles to fully receiving life’s gifts
  • Live from a place of heart-centered detachment and aligned flow
  • Become an instrument of sacred service and a healing force through your very presence flower of life

This course draws on my many years of spiritual exploration and practice, as well as my journeys to sacred sites worldwide.

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“This remarkable course enlightens, entices,
astounds and captures all of you. Dana’s expertise seems never-ending as she helps you navigate these timeless mystery teachings. I love the guided meditations. You will continually be uttering, ‘Wow!’” - La, Yardley, PA 

“These teachings and tools have taken me to a new level of spiritual embodiment and enabled me to live more deeply and fully. I have a more powerful vision of who I am and what I can become. Perfect for the modern mystic!”  - VJ, New Mexico

“I felt a poignant change in my physical body after I listened to the first module of “Awakening the Mystic Within.” I was experiencing some severe pain in my lower back which seemed to have dissipated. I was walking this morning and on the way practiced your meditation. Amazing! God is certainly using you and your work to help others and open minds and eyes that may have otherwise remained closed.” - Bonny M., Atlanta


For information and to purchase Dana's audio recordings, with support for your ongoing spiritual expansion, go to:

Radio Interview, “Awakening the Mystic Within with Dana Micucci,” on Talking Alternative Broadcasting